Get Your Specialists Referral Authorizations Completed Without Hassle

Your insurance plan may require an approved authorization for you to visit a specialist. As your Primary Care team, we are happy to assist you with your specialist referral request. First, you will need to schedule a medical visit for the initial authorization request. Here are the steps you need to take:

Gather the specialist’s information

  • Search your insurance member portal or call a customer service agent to identify specialists located near you.

  • Contact your chosen specialist’s office to confirm that they are accepting new patients with your plan and that they have availability within your time frame.

  • Document the following information:

    • Specialist First and Last Name (we need the exact name of the specialist you want to see)

    • Specialty Type

    • Specialist Office Address (that you prefer)

    • Specialist Office Phone Number

    • Specialist Fax Number

The insurance review process and waiting period

Please note that the authorization confirmation from your insurance company may take up to 30 business days. Insurance processing times may vary, for more detailed information, read here. If you do not select your specialist and submit the required documentation, your referral request will be placed on hold until we receive that information.

Repeating or Renewing your referral

If you need us to repeat the referral due to out-of-network, authorization expiration, requirement for follow up or other reasons, you will be required to set an appointment for a follow up visit. The repeat referral will follow the same process as outlined above.

Access your specialist referral information from the patient portal

Once your referral is approved, you will receive an approval notification via Klara text or the Athena patient portal. Then, you will be able to access the full order and dates of eligibility in the patient portal. Please follow the steps outlined here.

You must use a DESKTOP or LAPTOP to perform this task

  • Log in to the patient portal

  • View the Left hand menu

    • Click “My Health”, then click “Health reminders” in top menu bar, then click the specialist’s referral order needed, then click “Print” to print or save to your device.

  • You will be able to see all of the info pertaining to the referral and the associated progress note. You can print the documents as well. This step is recommended as it will help you have all of the necessary info needed on your appointment day with your specialist.

  • Finally, you can call the specialist’s clinic to schedule your appointment and to give them the authorization number over the phone.

Rest assured, you can request updates on the progress of your referral request through via text message at (832) 979-1792.