Please read our General Office Policies

Your well-being is our ultimate mission! We urge you to carefully read and follow the steps we have outlined below. This will ensure a phenomenal experience as we cater to all your healthcare needs with the utmost dedication and precision!

Appointments and No Shows

  1. We have an appointment only based clinic system. Any questions or concerns outside of a scheduled office visit, need to be addressed through Klara text at (832) 979-1792. We do not answer questions for walk-ins. 

  2. We enforce a strict no show policy. Failure to appear for your visit or cancel 24 hrs prior, will result in a $25 no show fee. Failure to pay the fee will prevent you from rescheduling. Patients covered under a Medicaid plan will not be able to reschedule for 30 days after a no show. After 3 consecutive no shows or rescheduled appointments, you will be released from our care and will need to find a new PCP.

  3. We do not have a walk-in lab. You must schedule your lab appointment. All labs must be authorized by Dr. Giles prior to your scheduled lab appointment.

Insurance and Billing Disputes

  1. Some insurance plans require physician assignment. Please make sure to assign Dr. Giles as your PCP prior to your visit. Please provide us with the reference number, the name of the insurance representative, and the date of your call for your file. Failure to do so, will result in a rescheduled appointment or self-pay visit.

  2. We have a process for questions regarding balances and payment responsibility. Please text (832) 979-1792 to request a billing dispute form. Once your completed form is received, we will respond to you within 7-10 business days. This will give us time to research and to determine financial responsibility. The response will be final. If you still have a question after the dispute,  you will need to contact your insurance company for further clarification.

  3. Please click here to download the Official Billing Dispute Form.

Clinical Policies

  1. Medical Assistant interactions are limited. The Medical Assistant is responsible for checking vitals and gathering preliminary information on behalf of the physician. Please direct any medical questions to the physician during your visit.

  2. Visit times are limited to 15-20 minutes. We respectfully request that you limit your questions or concerns to 1-2 problems. Prioritize your list to discuss the most important issues first. Then you can schedule a follow up appointment for additional problems.

  3. Prescription refills require a doctor visit (virtual or office). We will not be able to refill prescriptions in between appointments. Please have all of your prescriptions refilled at your appointment to avoid delays.

  4. Lab results are automatically posted to the patient portal. Discussion with the physician requires an appointment. Imaging results can be posted to the patient portal per your request, however discussion and next steps will require an appointment.

  5. Physical therapy authorizations – Physician signatures for physical therapy authorizations and recertification orders will require a medical appointment every 30-60 days.

  6. Home Health Authorizations – Physician signatures for home health will be completed every 60 days. If you need continuation or re-certification of your Home Health services, you will need to make a virtual or office appointment.

Controlled Substances

We do not prescribe opiates, benzodiazepines, stimulants or other controlled substances for long term/chronic conditions. If you request or require these types of medications, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist for evaluation and management.

Office Conduct

  1. We want to maintain a respectful work and medical environment. Please do not use profanity in the waiting room, tease or bully the medical team or other patients.

  2. Patient privacy is crucial. Please refrain from talking on the phone, taking photos, videos or audio recordings in the waiting room or patient rooms.

File a complaint 

We understand that you have the freedom to put a negative review on Google and to file a formal complaint with the Texas Medical Board. However, we are asking that you try to resolve any errors or communication issues with our office first. We do not want to take any steps that lead to dissolving our physician-patient relationship.

To file a complaint with our office first, please access and download the form here. Thank you.