Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Healthcare is a team effort, which is why we offer a variety of vitamins and supplements to help support our patients’ needs. Physicians prefer Ortho Molecular products because they’re made from high-quality and clinically proven ingredients. Ready to achieve a healthier lifestyle? We offer tailored advice on diet, lifestyle, and exercise to help you with your wellness goals.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is not just a catchphrase; it’s a means to better health. We specialize in developing health, wellness, and treatment plans to address individual health care needs specifically. 

From diabetes to cancer, our lab has the resources and experience to create a treatment plan that’s just right for you. Our advanced testing capabilities can address cardiovascular, cancer genetics, and pharmacogenetics (which accurately determines if a medication is right for you). 

Sleep Study & CPAP Coaching

Sleep is critical, and better sleep equals  better health. If you suffer from snoring and restless sleep, a sleep study can help you identify the cause. Our sleep tests are conveniently completed in the comfort of your own home. After your initial testing, we will discuss your results and design a plan to improve your sleep quality – and your health. 

Allergy Testing

Texas seasonal and environmental allergies can be unpredictable and unbearable – however, relief is possible! Our allergy testing can identify what is causing your symptoms. We utilize a scratch testing technique that tests your skin for up to 70 different allergens to develop a personalized and immunotherapy program to combat your allergies, deliver relief, and help you feel better.

Preventive Health

Preventative care is the foundation of wellness care for people of all ages, and we offer the full spectrum of preventative healthcare services to the Pearland community – vaccines for immunization, tuberculosis testing, and basic physicals. From 2 months to over 65, we provide preventative vaccinations to help you stay healthy and symptom-free. 

We can also administer the basic tuberculosis testing required for school, sports, work, and travel on YOUR schedule – because convenience is critical to your healthcare needs. Whether you want a physical for an annual wellness check-in, a pre-employment requirement, or a sports team, we’ve got you covered.

Behavioral Health Screening

We take a Whole Person approach to health and wellness care at Thrive Family Clinic, which includes mental and behavioral health concerns. From depression to anxiety, we encourage and welcome honest discussion about your symptoms, so we can recommend integrative practices with respected behavioral health practitioners to address your needs. Already diagnosed? We can manage your medication. You are never alone with Thrive on your side.


The aging population needs comprehensive medical support – and above all, a friendly face. That’s where we THRIVE. We offer 65+ patients personalized care that’s convenient, easy to access, and – best of all – Medicare-approved. We perform annual Medicare wellness exams, fall prevention assessments,  memory tests, and advanced care planning to help you stay healthy and live your best life.

Men’s Health

From childhood through adulthood, Thrive Family Clinic can address all areas of men’s health. Whether it’s annual wellness checkups, physical exams for sports, STI checks, or medical exams for life insurance applications, we offer wellness care in a relaxed and friendly environment – on YOUR schedule.

Women’s Health

Thrive Family Clinic provides complete health care in Pearland for women of all ages. As a female primary care doctor, Dr. Giles will genuinely listen to your needs and concerns to determine the appropriate diagnosis and care. Whether you are an adolescent entering puberty, a young woman planning a family, or a woman entering menopause, Dr. Giles has the expertise to confidently guide you through all stages of women’s health.


Telemedicine (or Virtual Visit) is available for established patient informational follow-ups, such as lab results, blood pressure results, or simple upper respiratory symptoms that are not COVID-19 related. This service is available for ages 2- 65+ and can be scheduled by calling our office during regular business hours. If you qualify for a Telemedicine follow-up or consult, the service is easy, convenient, and hassle-free. Some insurance plans cover Telemedicine; however, we also offer an affordable cash option.


From newborns to graduating seniors, we provide health and wellness care for your child in a convenient, welcoming, and familiar setting. We’re not here to just administer shots once a year – we’re here to partner with you and your family to provide everything a child needs to THRIVE.  Whether it’s a well check or treating an  ear infection, we will be your wellness partner on your parenting journey.